21-1518575 Super Top racers family hen

VITESSE / MIDFOND / DAGFOND (75 - 750 km) - VITESSE (75 - 500 km) overige

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21-1518575 Super Top racers family hen 21-1518575 Super Top racers family hen 21-1518575 Super Top racers family hen 

€ 180.00

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Topracers hen.
Directly from one of the TOP man Provincial, Harjo Vos.
2 years agao the 3e best pigeon of Holland!!!!!
This hen directly from the famous breeder of 2010.
She is sister of many toppers. Look what a toppers>>
Branco, the GERARD KOOPMAN cock,gave many 1e pricewinners!
Precious Lady from PIETER VEENSTRA!!!!!!!!!
Zeeuws Meisje, KOEN MINDERHOUT, the Dutch Gabyvdabbele!!
Zeeuws Juffertje + Tio-Top from A&B LEIDEMAN,now best of holland!!!of World?
Branci Boy of Bert Berends>>more times NPO winner.>>=BLOOD GERARD kOOPMAN PIGEON.
Yolante, from topracer Maurice Lazeroms 1e/17.100+1e NPO!!
More in her family:7 ACE-pigeons. 4/6135,15/3459,1/68,3/8795++++
Many 1e prices, to much to write.
Yesterday 4/6/22 A&B Leideman 150 in race, 106 prices>>look>>
1,2,3,4,7,19,20,21,24,25,26!!!!!!!!!!!<<<<<<<<<<!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>MORE AS 11.000 PIGEONS IN RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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