Cor de Heyde/Hagens ‏ 07-6368750

SALE!!! GROTE FOND (700-1250 km) - Gebr. HAGENS

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Cor de Heyde/Hagens ‏ 07-6368750 Cor de Heyde/Hagens ‏ 07-6368750 

€ 175.00

This is a very special hen, from Cor de heyde x Brothers hagens. Her father "Witpen Cor" 1/2 brother 3e St. Vincent! His grfather is from br "Don Miquel"!!the famous one. This grfather "Grote Cor=Big-Cor", was paired with the 1/2 sister of "Sancta Barca"!! directly from the 1/2 br "Sarina", 1e InterNat barca+ Son "Carcasonne". This cock was paired with "Favotietje=favorite"1/2 sister "Cobra".
Mother of this hen is from 1/2 br "Sarina"!!!/Son "Carcasonne"/grson "Barcelona". His grandmother was the inbred of "De Klamper".

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