10-6013925 GEBR. HAGENS

SALE!!! GROTE FOND (700-1250 km) - Gebr. HAGENS

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10-6013925 GEBR. HAGENS  10-6013925 GEBR. HAGENS  10-6013925 GEBR. HAGENS  

€ 350.00

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Fantastic Hagens hen, Sarina Junior, with a super body, good wings and eye, and the same model as Sarina. From fathersside the supersLucinda, 6e national, 4e International, Sonja, 1e Intnat Perpignan, the 1e IntNat Tarbes, Sproetje + son with 20e,41e,62e national, Rivaldo 2e,7e,32e nat., the 5 x barca, the 6e nat. barca. From mothersside De Indurain 14e Nat Marseille, Sarina 1e IntNat Barca, and also all from the same lines as from fathersside.


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