SALE!!! GROTE FOND (700-1250 km) - JAN AARDEN

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€ 125.00

Interesting Jan Aarden, National Top hen, from the Batenburg x brothers Brugeman family: Both ex EUROPIAN CHAMP, with little Hagens brothers Interational Winners.

Her father is from all the best brothers of Barenburg:

De Witbuik

Bone Kweker

De Ruffec

perpignan 2

Her mother is from the blood of:

Sonja, 1e International Perpignan

The Bauer, 1e International Tarbes

Rivaldo, super ational Topracer

Orhan, 4e National Barcelona and many many more and the FATHER of the Brugeman loft.

Over whole the world we find his blood in the distance toplofts.

Oude 62 !!!!!


The results of De Witbuik, himselve:

14/16.629 Nat. St. Vincent

85/22.188 Nat. St. Vincent

146/12.186 Nat. Dax

300/19.343 Nat. St. Vincent

394 Nat. Dax.

(Grand)father of:

1 Nat. Bergerac

1 nat. Dax

1 nat. Dax

2 nat. Monte de Marsan

2 nat. Orleans

2 nat. Cahors

4 nat. St. Vincent

5 nat. St. Vincent

5 nat. Carcasonne

6 nat barcelona

7 nat Pau

8 nat Pau

Results with birds from Batenburg and son 1991-1996 (later ++++++++++++++++++more)
1st Internat. Barcelona Hens Felix Roosendaal
1st Nat. Bergerac C. v.d. Linden 16.828 d. 1996
1st Nat. Dax Felix Roosendaal 12.797 d. 1991
1st Nat. Dax J.H. den Haan 3.662 d. 1996
2e Nat. Cahors Chr.v.d.Velden 7.747 d. 1995
2e Nat. Orleans Piet v.d. Merwe 8.635 d. 1994
3e Nat. Tarbes Chr. v.d. Velden 1.541 d. 1996
4e Nat. Bordeaux J. Slangen 3.003 d. 1992
4e Nat. St.Vincent C. Sneekers 8.993 d. 1996
5e Nat. Carcasonne Bert Saarloos 1.371 d. 1994
5e Nat. St.Vincent H. Wijnands en Zn. 19.876 d. 1996
6e Nat. Barcelona D. van Es 10.575 d. 1993
6e Nat. Cahors T. de Regt 7.747 d. 1995
6e Nat. Bergerac P. de Zeeuw 16.828 d. 1996
6e Nat. Montauban A. Pegels 5.108 d. 1996
7e Nat. Pau A.P. Overwater 6.413 d. 1991
8e Nat. Carcasonne Mevr. Sturris 1.371 d. 1994
8e Nat. Pau Bert Saarloos 2.425 d. 1994
9e Nat. Dax J. Westdijk 4.620 d. 1995
10e Nat. Bergerac R. Hijwege 19.697 d. 1993

Than the years later MANY MANY TOPresults (Inter)National!!!

Batenburg-van de Merwe : 3-7-9-18-25-33-44 Cahors(872km) din 5.267 duiven!!!

31/7/2015: Perpignan 1023kms, 1033 pigeons in race:
1,3,13,23,24,26,27,49,51,53,60,92,98 !!!!

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