08-1509447 Jan Aarden breeding hen‏

SALE!!! GROTE FOND (700-1250 km) - JAN AARDEN

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08-1509447 Jan Aarden breeding hen‏  08-1509447 Jan Aarden breeding hen‏  

€ 100.00

Important very good breeding Jan Aarden hen, from my friend who stopt here with the pigeons.

Fabouilos breeding eyes, and from good family. We see:
TYCHA, 3e national pau
5e National Barcelona, and many more!!!
1e Ace Pigeon national ZLU=from start in the morning big sdistance races.
1e Perpignan Rotterdam
1e Marseille Rotterdam
39e national marseille
The Zwart Bont 618 batenburg with:
5 x Barcelona and
31e + 34e national Barcelona

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