08-2064344 JAN AARDEN

SALE!!! GROTE FOND (700-1250 km) - Jan Aarden THE GOLD EYES

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08-2064344 JAN AARDEN  08-2064344 JAN AARDEN  08-2064344 JAN AARDEN  

€ 250.00

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Fantastic Jan Aarden "De Dolle, Vlekje"The Gold Eye cock, from this2 supers, winners of 3 cars on the national big Distance races.
Also from fathersside the super brothers van Zelderen family, 14 x 1e National.
We see also "De Kleine naut", the last son of the BASE pair of Jan Aarden 38 x 49. There was the beginning !!!!!!!
The Reuversdoffer, one of the best racers in that time, and bought by Eyerkamp for their breedingloft.
And also we see:
1e National Sint Vincent
1e national Dax

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