10-1411556 cr Maurice Delbar hen


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10-1411556 cr Maurice Delbar hen 10-1411556 cr Maurice Delbar hen 

€ 225.00

Fantastic cr Maurice delbar hen from super racing family, already as 1 year old on the big strong races.

She is directly the daughter of TOPPER 851
3e Ace Pigeon NIC and..............
3 x 1e NIC  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His brothers sisters:
1e Bergerac
1e cahors
1e St. Ghislain
1e st. Vincent
1e Orange
2e Perigeux and Maney more. He is son of Oude Belg=Old Blg with
5 x Barcelona
5 x in top 10 from the NIC
3 x Perpignan and paired with:
the super breeding hen 099, out the superracers:
1e national angouleme and TOP Marseille, Barcelona.

The mother of this hen, is:
dtr of 09-805 and than eated by Hawk !!! from:
1e National barcelona Nrd
4e national barcelona
1e National Barcelona=The Strong Barcelona, one of the best distance racers ever + super for the breeding.

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