13-1688323 Aarden-Batenburg hen


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13-1688323 Aarden-Batenburg hen 13-1688323 Aarden-Batenburg hen 13-1688323 Aarden-Batenburg hen 13-1688323 Aarden-Batenburg hen 

€ 450.00

Fantastic Jan Aarden hen from International Toplines !!!! This 2 Family,s are the best distance pigeons of the last year.

From fathersside:
H. Wijnands&Son, the super racer from also last year. In the top with many 1 year old pigeons, with 5 old feathers !!!!!!!!, not 1, but many.

The father of this hen is 1/2 brother of BlauwevanNoppen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a superbreeder, and brother of 1e International Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some results of his childtren======1/2 brothers and sisters of this HEN !!!!!!!!!:
3e Nastional Cahors
4e National Perpignan
13e National Narbonne
16e National Narbonne
18e National Narbonne
21e National Monbte Marsan + MANY more. ALL 1/2 brothers and sisters of this hen !!!!!!!

The father of the 1/2 brother of the BlauwevanNoppen is the son of Limoges, from Carteus,
1e National Limoges
3e National Perpignan, and this son of him:
31e National Barcelona
De Limoges was paired with the dtr of
1e National Perpignan

The mother of this hen is an original Batenburg vd Merwe, via Tony Berlijn., with:
11e National Narbonne
13e National St. Vincent
32e National Bordeaux
74e National St. Vincent. From 2 sides the worldfamous
De Witbuik, the best breeder from the Jan Aarden Family.

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